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National Education

The key focus in commemorating the NE Events is to develop and implement NE-Focussed Lessons that are integrated into the Social Studies & Character & Citizenship Education lessons.

And another noteworthy NE event to share is the structured time set aside in our school calendar for A3 Learning Journey Day.

Friends from Around the Globe

There were many exciting visits by our partners in education from different parts of the globe such as pupils & educators from Hong Kong, Thailand and China.

The students from Tai Po Old Market School, Hong Kong had a great time interacting with their Pasirian buddies. They learnt about one another’s culture and shared their school lives with their peers. One of the activities they enjoyed was having recess with their buddies and tasting our local dishes at the school canteen.

The students from Amnuay Silpa School from Bangkok, Thailand got a chance to experience living in a HDB apartment when they visited some of their buddies’ homes. They were treated to a variety of our traditional food, games and warm hospitality from the hosts. On their second day of visit, they were introduced to the Indian and Malay cultures by the Malay Dance and the Indian Dance instructors. They truly enjoyed themselves as they enthusiastically moved to the rhythm of the tradtional music.

About 20 Pasirians from Primary 5 classes played hosts to their counterparts from Chengdu, China for a day. The students enjoyed having PE lessons and experiencing a day in the life of a typical Singaporean student. At the end of the day, the students exchanged email addresses and new friendships are made.

The last group of students comprised a group of 30 Primary 4 and Primary 5 students from St Francis Assisi’s English Primary School from Hong Kong. The first day began with a tour around the school by our Pasirian Ambassadors and followed by class immersion activities where they joined their buddies for lessons in class. They enjoyed the interaction they had with their buddies especially during the Maths Trail activity at the Terminal 3, Changi International Airport using I-phone. The partnership was further strengthened when the students collaborated for a Maths Journal Discussion and competition.

The partnership established between these schools and Pasir Ris Primary School has truly given the opportunities for Pasirians to possess a global outlook without compromising on developing them to be culturally savvy. By being buddies to these students, Pasirians are exposed to other cultures. However in preparing themselves to be knowledgeable buddies to the visiting students, they learnt more about Singapore and this helped to deepen their commitment and rootedness to Singapore.

Sing Singapore

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Holistic Development of Students

To provide for a holistic development of our students, our school believes that there must be a diverse range of programmes to deepen their development from Primary 1 to Primary 6. One such programme is the school’s major event: Sing Singapore, held annually in August. This event is the highlight of our Character Development Programme and is part of our school’s aesthetic curriculum. It allows our students to deepen their skills and competencies, inculcate and internalize values such as team work, co-operation, determination and respect as well as develop students’ self-esteem. It also provides an opportunity for students to showcase their talents and proclaim their love and loyalty for our nation, bringing engagement of heart and mind to its peak.

DPM Teo’s Facebook update on Tuesday, 26 July 2011at 10.06 pm after attending Sing Singapore at PRPS.
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