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 Developing our students to be culturally savvy

  • Exposing our students to the world and sensitise them to the place of Singapore in relation to its global   context
  • Deepening our students’ commitment and rootedness to Singapore

Twinning and Cultural Immersion

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Key Learning Points

The students learnt to be respectful and mindful of what and how they communicate with the residents. For example, coming  from the city they were quite apprehensive at first stepping onto a kampung house. They were advised and reminded not to be offensive especially on commenting the environment or facilities at the kampung. However at the same time, they also learnt not to judge a kampung as a backward environment. This was because the kampung that they visited was the first kampung in Malaysia that was self-sufficient in water. The students were impressed at the technology on water supply that the village had where the water from the river in the kampung was processed and distributed to the entire kampung via underground water pipes.

They learnt to be mindful about what they said to the residents at the Rumah Tumpangan Nur Salam which was a home for the children at risk and orphans. They were mindful that they should not ask personal questions like family background or the reason for being at the home. The students also learnt to be thankful for the blessings that they had in Singapore. They were touched to see the residents’ reactions when the latter received the school shoes and the food supplies that the Pasirians brought from Singapore. At the end of the service learning trip, the students wrote cards for the residents and they were touched when the residents reciprocated by singing a thank you song for them. Some had tears in their eyes.

Siem Reap, Cambodia

Awesome. Amazing. Humbling. These were just how the students described the experience they had whilst on a service learning trip to Siem Reap, Cambodia. Accompanied by Mdm Sriwani Abd Razak, Mr Feisal Baobed and Mr Ong Kian Kie, the group of 24 Primary 5 and Primary 6 students had the opportunity to collaborate with an orphanage and explore the rich culture of the Kingdom of Wonders.

The students visited the Khmer Organization Cultural Development (KOCD), an orphanage that housed about forty children aged 4-14 years old. They also conducted Art & Crafts session, as well as simple English and Maths lessons for the orphans. During the trip, our Pasirians interacted with the residents, played games with them and tutored them. Friendships were kindled as the residents, hand-in-hand with the Pasirians, showed the latter their home and shared what life was like in an orphanage.

This was a humbling experience for the Pasirians as described by Kenzie Tan who wrote in his reflection that the experience at the orphanage had “taught me to be grateful to my family and what I have in life”. The experience at the orphanage truly taught the Pasirians the true meaning of our school value, Share & Care.

During the trip, the group had the golden opportunity to celebrate the Water Festival where we wrote our wishes for the Cambodians and us. We placed these wishes in beautifully decorated boats and set them in the river.

The five-day service learning trip has certainly provided an authentic learning experience for our young Pasirians to put our school values into practice beyond our shore. The visits to the Angkor temples had encouraged them to learn more about Cambodia and its history and culture. They were more aware of the importance of respecting other cultures and religions. In addition, the residents at the KOCD Orphanage taught them to be more resilient and to pursue excellence in life, as reflected in the residents’ positive spirit. Lastly they learnt to share and care for others around them. Indeed the whole experience was simply UNFORGETTABLE!

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