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Science Curriculum


A community of learning and thinking individuals with an active care and concern for the environment


To develop every pupil into an innovative and thinking individual, imbued with a lively spirit of inquiry,  a genuine curiosity about nature,  a passion for learning and  a commitment to caring  for his environment.

Key Features

  • Thematic approach
  • Expansion of the process skills listed in  the current syllabus
  • Experiential Learning
  • Holistic Assessment

MOE Science Syllabus (2014)

2014 Primary Science Syllabus.pdf


Level Curriculum Requirement No. of hours per week
Primary 1 & 2 Lower Primary Science Day (infused in curriculum)
Primary 3 Examinable 2.5 hrs
Primary 4 Examinable 2.5 hrs
Primary 5 / 6 Standard- Examinable 3.5 hrs
Primary 5 / 6 Foundation- Examinable 3 hrs
For detailed syllabus, please refer to Ministry of Education’s website.

Our Approach Towards Teaching and Learning of Science


CPDD Science Syllabus 2014


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