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Latest Addition to our Science Resources:

The Science Department is proud to announce the completion of our innovation project, a rustic garden in an urban setting:

Balcony Roof-top Garden

img_0269 img_0274

We have always wanted to bring Science outdoor learning closer and more easily accessible to both pupils and teachers. The school currently has an access balcony sitting outside the two adjacent Science Rooms on the third storey of the school building. It has been a working corner for experimental projects, (e.g. growing of maize plants) which usually lasts between 3 months to 8 months.

With the completion of the rooftop garden, we now have another outdoor experimental site and learning centre in the setting of a garden, one that is both educational and aesthetically welcoming.

Key features include:-
  1. Green wall
  2. Foliage canopy in the form of a mid-sized fruit tree
  3. Raised planter boxes to facilitate group experimentations
  4. Efficient irrigation system
Key objectives of this project include:- 
  1. maximum utilization of space
  2. reduction of heat and temperature
  3. creation of an outdoor learning centre
  4. facilitation of group projects that promotes scientific inquiry
  5. promotion of greenery in urban living
Other facilities that support the teaching and learning of science include:
  • Two Science Laboratories
  • Eco Garden
  • Butterfly Trail
  • Fern Corner
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