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PE Programmes

Our Objective..

To equip every child with the knowledge, competencies, attitudes and values towards the pursuit of a life-long physically active and healthy lifestyle.


Passion for…

  • Active & Healthy Lifestyle through regular exercise & sports participation
  • Outdoor Activities
  • Good sportsmanship


Knowledge of…

  • Game Concepts, rules and strategies (at least 6)
  • Safety
  • Health & Fitness (design Health & Fitness Programme for Self)
  • Sound Sporting Values (sportsmanship, respect, integrity, excellence [doing ones best, perseverance, resilience], teamwork)


Ability to …

  • Show mastery of fundamental movement & manipulative skills
  • Play 6 sports, of which 3 are Core Sports at recreational competition
As part of the PE Programme, every pupil from P1-P6 goes through these learning areas:
  • Fundamental Movement
  • Games & Sports
  • Gymnastics
  • Dance
  • Physical Health & Fitness
  • Athletics
  • Outdoor Education
  • Swimming
To promote the attainment of desirable levels of overall fitness among our pupils, the PE Department conducts NAPFA Test for P4 and P6 pupils from Term 2-3. It is compulsory for all medically fit P4 and P6 pupils.
The PE Department also conducts Programme for Active Learning (PAL) Programme for P1-P2, Floorball Excellence (FLEX) Programme for P1-P6 and Values In PE and Sports (VIPES) Programme for P4 during PE.


Aligned to the Primary Education Review & Implementation (PERI) Committee’s recommendations on PAL, the school has embarked on PAL in 2012 for P1 and P2 on Wed and Thu respectively from 7.30am to 9.30am. Our pupils participate in modular activities such as Sports Education, Outdoor Education, Performing Arts and Visual Arts.


Floorball is a niche sport at Pasir Ris Primary School. To enhance the tradition of excellence in Floorball, the school has implemented FLEX for the pupils since 2008. FLEX adopts a 3-pronged approach: Exposure, Engagement and Excellence to ensure that every student from P1 to P6 plays Floorball at PRPS, students’ talents in Floorball are developed accordingly and students are given ample opportunity to excel in Floorball. The school has been awarded the Programme for School-Based Excellence from 2008-2012 and Niche School Status since 2013  based on our achievements in Floorball, sustainability, strength of the educational value, the pervasiveness and involvement of stakeholders in our Floorball programme.


There has been a major paradigm shift in the teaching of PE in Pasir Ris Primary School. In our commitment to provide for a more holistic education which is one of the key attributes of a Student-Centric, Values-Driven Education (SVE), our school has implemented VIPES (Values In PE & Sports) programme at the beginning of 2013 for all P4 pupils. It is also in line with what our Education Minister, Mr Heng Swee Keat has stated that sporting excellence and character development are inextricably linked. We in Pasir Ris Primary have implemented a unique and innovative programme to fit that vision. It is also with the belief of the department that through games and sports students compete, hone their skills and in the process learn life lessons and thus develop valuable character traits.

In addition, the PE Department also organises the following programmes and events for all pupils:

  • Olympic Day (Junior) for P1-P3
  • Olympic Day (Senior) for P4-P6
  • Adventure Camp for P5
  • ACES Day for P1-P6
  • Student Leadership Handover Ceremony for our Student & CCA Leaders
  • Inter-class games for P6
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