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Chinese New Year Celebration

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P1 and P2 Class Library Project

The class library is setup to inculcate the love for reading. To better promote reading as a good habit, pupils can choose to complete activities using the books they have read, in reference with a reading card issued to them. Gifts and rewards are given to pupils who show great enthusiasm in reading.

Learning Journeys

Learning Journey – Bollywood Veggies

A trip to the Bollywood Veggies allows Primary 2 pupils to come in close with the Nature and taught to take care of the environment. Pupils get to see various fruits and vegetables, and they get to feel, smell and plant their own plants in pots. After which, they get to bring their pots home to show their parents their hands on experience.

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Learning Journey – River Safari

A trip to the River Safari to learn about animals living in different rivers around the world, to learn the importance of preserving wild life.

Mother Tongue Cultural Fortnight week

Since 2011, we have embarked on the MT Cultural Fortnight activities. The purpose of this is to enhance the learning and love for the Chinese culture.The activities are interactive and engaging , fun for the pupils.

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P3 and P4 Supplementary Reading Materials

All P3 and P4 pupils were encouraged to subscribe to a weekly news magazine – Zhi Shi Hua Bao (知识画报) at the beginning of  this year. The pupils would read the news magazine on every Thursday and Friday’s morning reading session. In class, the respective Chinese Language teacher would also use the news magazine as a resource to further strengthen the pupils’ reading competency. All P3 and P4 pupils are required to complete some of the activities in the news magazine.

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