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Special Programmes

School Maths Trail

The Maths Dept annually organises Maths Trails to create awareness that Maths is all around us. Pupils use mathematical concepts and skills to make discoveries and draw conclusions about the world around them. Maths Trails inspire a sense of fun in learning, encourage children to view things from a mathematical perspective and give them tangible as well as concrete mathematical experience to encourage learning. It also brings abstract mathematical concepts to life. In the face of advancing technological progress, the school has harnessed various ICT tools to engage our pupils in Maths Trails – from leveraging on Tablet PC to iPhone to iPAD. As pupils work in small groups, they also pick up important life skills through teamwork, for example, effective communication, taking turns and showing respect for others, etc.

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P3 Maths Fun Day

A day in Term 3 is designated P3 Maths Fun Day to instil a love for the subject through games and fun-filled activities. Pupils move from stations to stations around the school to engage in problem-solving challenges such as the Tower of Hanoi. ICT is infused in some of the activities to inject enjoyment whilst embracing technology.

P6 Maths Camp

This programme is designed specially for P6s to reinforce pupils’ foundation of key topics in a fun and interactive way. It uses games and hands-on activities to help pupils develop intrinsic motivation to excel in Mathematics as well as build their confidence in solving Maths problems.


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