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ICT Projects

Multimodal Analysis (MMA)

Multimodal Analysis (MMA), an interactive digital media technology, has aided pupils to be self-directed learner by doing annotation digitally. Pupils make meaning by highlighting and tagging to show their understanding of the text online. The introduction of Google Hangout has brought annotation to a higher level where pupils collaborate, learn from one another and make meaning of the text through chatting and giving suggestions.

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Maths Story – In Search of Mathemagical Potion

Using stories as a form of trigger activities to introduce new topic/concept to achieve these objectives :
  1. To inject fun and excitement in learning of Mathematics
  2. To integrate literature into Mathematics
  3. To infuse National Education in Mathematics
  4. To motivate students to learn Mathematics through story-telling

The stories created are based on a family of cute and funny characters known as the Hair Family, and these same characters are used throughout all the stories for each of the topics. Each story is linked to the next, forming one complete story for the whole year, thereby creating suspense between stories.The series of stories carry a local flavour and pupils can identify with some of the settings used. For example, famous places of interest such as Sentosa, the Zoological Garden, the Jurong Bird Park, etc are locations set for the some of the topics. This creates greater awareness in NE among the students.

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ICT Tools in Action

Interactive WhiteBoard

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Classroom Performance System

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Tablet Pc – Iphone – IPad Trails

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Data Logger Training

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