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Arts Exposure Programmes

Arts Exposure refer to special programmes to expose pupils to diverse and varied Art forms leveraging on various platforms integrating the school programmes across all disciplines such as school assemblies, recess programmes (Arts@SPACE) and Interest Elective Programme (IEP).

Arts@SPACE Programmes Term 1-4

Art Exhibitions @ The SPACE

‘The SPACE’ is a an area in the school canteen that is designated to showcase Art Exhibitions. Displaying pupils’ artworks in common spaces fosters pupils’ confidence and sense of achievement. These displays provide pupils an opportunity to observe, discuss and show value to works of art created by their peers.  Artworks are rotated throughout the year to showcase the good works by pupils.

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Performances @ The SPACE (Term 1 & 3)

Arts @ SPACE is a recess programme that showcases various Arts activities brought by music classes and Aesthetic CCA groups. Pupils in PRPS will be continuously exposed to a culture of Arts through a series of showcases such as musical performances, art exhibitions or craft activities. This programme occurs at different junctures of the year.

Term 1-2: Class Performances

Term 3-4: PRPS Got Talent!

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Artsmania (Arts Week)


  1. Drama Assembly programme
  2. Art Games @ THE LIBRARY
  3. Performances @ THE SPACE

Annual Photography Competition July – August 2013

First launched in August 2012, the Aesthetics Department had organized a photography competition to reflect pupils’ rootedness to Singapore. The competition was opened The objective of this competition is to get pupils excited about photography and apply photography to send messages on particular themes. This year’s theme will be opened in July.2012 Theme:

Singapore, My Home

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National Day Celebrations with Sing Singapore

Sing Singapore is a signature event of the school whereby the school puts up an Arts Production every year to celebrate the Arts through singing and dancing. The majority of the school population and stakeholders are engaged in this gala performance.

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National Day Art @ The SPACE -August 2013-

Along with the school’s celebration and observance of National Day, the Art Club Development Group will be organising art and craft activities during recess.

Interest Elective Programme (IEP)

The school seeks to cultivate interests and extend the exposure of students beyond the confines of academic subjects via student Interest Elective Programme (IEP). This is also part of the school’s innovative efforts at broadening and enriching students’ educational experiences, developing tenacity to try new electives and taking greater ownership over their learning, especially in the area of physical, mental and social health.

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