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Music Programmes

AIMS of Music Education

The aims of General Music Programme (GMP) are as follows:
  • Develop awareness of and appreciation for music of various cultures and the role of music in daily living
  • Develop ability for creative expression through music making
  • Provide the basis to develop an informed and lifelong involvement in music

Programme for Active Learning (PAL) – Music and Performing Arts

For Primary 1 & 2 only

Music1.jpgThe Programme for Active Learning, also known as PAL, is one of PERI’s recommendations to address the increased emphasis on holistic education and development of life skills. It provides a smooth transition for children from pre-school child to primary education.  With Primary 1 and 2 pupils in mind, PAL emphasises learning through hands-on experiences, having fun and enjoyment in the learning, and on-going opportunities for peer interaction and self-discovery. PAL Music and Performing Arts modules use experiential learning to provide pupils with authentic opportunities to explore and express themselves creatively through music and movement. PAL is conducted over 2hrs weekly over and above Music lessons.

Primary 1 – Creative Movement
Primary 2 – Exploring Angklung I

Integrating Music & Performing Arts

Pri 1 – Percussive Movement

Pri 2 – Tambourine Dance

Pri 3 – Martial Arts Dance

Pri 4 – Cultural Dance (2015)

Pri 5 – Egyptian dance

Pri 6 – Rock and Roll

It has been a long standing tradition in Pasir Ris Primary School that we celebrate the nation’s National Day with our annual
‘Sing Singapore’. Sing Singapore has served as a platform for our pupils to showcase their learning in the Arts. Besides learning the General Music Syllabus, performing arts components are integrated into the curriculum to build confidence and instill a sense of rootedness to the country. All pupils in Pasir Ris Primary will learn one form of dance each year. All Pri 1 -3
will dress up to sing and dance during Sing Singapore in the spirit of celebrating our nation’s birthday.

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Exposure to Musical Instruments

In PasirRis Primary, all pupils will learn a several instruments to instill a sense of musicality in them so that they will be able
to enjoy and appreciate music.

Pri 1 & 2: Percussion

Pri 3: Guzheng & Recorder

Pri 4: Angklung & Recorder

Pri 5: Recorder

Pri 6: African Percussion.

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Special Projects LKY Bilinguism Project

10 Choir pupils were selected this year to participate in the LKY Bilingualism Project. They lent their voices for two songs that will be featured in a CD that promotes the use of Mandarin.


Collaboration with OKTO!

Oak3 Films recently poduced a TV musical, titled “After School”, for Okto, Mediacorp. In line with the “After School” tv musical concept, a 9-part web extension series focusing on the song and dance groups of our local youths today.  These clips will be aired on XinMSN. This year, the company featured Pasir Ris Primary School and worked with our Choir and Malay Dance pupils.

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