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Innovation in the Arts

Arts Integrated Programme (AIP) Primary 5 & 6

AIP was an initiative launched in 2012.  This is an inter-disciplinary approach to studying Art and Music. This approach aims to build connections between subjects and make learning relevant, authentic and meaningful for pupils.  This is made possible by looking at themes which arcs over both Art and Music. The knowledge and skills learnt are aligned to the Visual Arts syllabus which revolves around the elements of art and principles of design and the Music Syllabus, which revolves around listening, composing and performing.

Inter-Disciplinary Themes in AIP

Pri 5 – Local Cultures

World Cultures (Egypt, Japanese)

Theatre (Broadway )

Pri 6 – Local Cultures

World Cultures (African, Aboriginal, Western)

Contemporary Arts


Pupils learning a cultural Art from Chinese Brush painting


Pupils learning themes relating to ‘Nationhood’ in AIP


Pupils learning a ‘Bollywood’ dance


Pupils creating their own movements for a performance

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