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Aesthetics Programmes

Arts Education Policy

Every pupil is to be developed to his fullest potential in the Visual and Performing Arts.


The school firmly believes in the value of Arts Education. The Arts is important for the holistic development of children, especially in early development as it promotes all-rounded intellectual growth. With the Arts, students develop a sense of awareness and improve their hand-eye coordination. It stimulates perception and develops students to think openly and critically, and with this, we instil a culture of reflective questioners rather than passive responders.

Our Arts Education engages pupils in experiences that prepare them to be the generation who are aesthetically more sensitive and observant, more tolerant and empathetic and who are able to articulate the arts in the appropriate vocabulary. The Arts bring the diverse cultural resources of the community into the class and here Art and Music become a universal language which forms a common ground across cultural stereotypes and barriers.

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Art Teachers

  • Mdm Cindy Tan
  • Ms Tia Amelia
  • Mdm Angelia Ang

Music Teachers

  • Ms Chua Siew Ping Sharon
  • Mdm Toh Shi Min
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