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PSG Tea Session


A feel good, feel proud and feel passionate team of parents partnering and supporting the school’s mission to realise the vision – Lifelong Learners, Active Citizens.


  • To partner the school in the holistic development of students
  • To enrich students’ learning experiences, encourage and inspire as role models
  • To lend expertise to support school’s programmes and activities
  • To render impartial and safe assistance; and above all, to serve with passion

Our Core Values

Purposeful Partnership

We believe in partnering and working with the school in achieving its mission and vision and pledging full support for its activities and programmes to bring out the best in our children.

Team Spirit & Bonding

We believe in open communication to cultivate a strong bonding in the tripartite collaboration of parents, staff and students; and that all communication be expressed in a way that shows respect for others and honours the spirit of the school community.

Making a Difference

We believe in diversity and that every parent can contribute in a way that can make a difference in enhancing the overall development of our students.

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