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School Crest/Song/Motto & Mascots

School Crest


  • The focal point of our school crest is the eight-sided star.
  • The star symbolises our philosophical belief that “Every Child is a Winner”.
  • It also represents our quest to bring out the star quality in every child
  • The two contrasting colours within each arm depict a need for balance for an enriching life.
  • The bold ring encircling the star symbolises an all-round education.

School Song


School Motto

The motto Be Our Best urges the school community to give their best to achieve the four main school values which are:

P assion for Learning

R espect for all

P ursuit of Excellence

S hare & Care

The initial letters of the goals spell the school name: PASIR RIS PRIMARY SCHOOL

School Mascots


The motto of Pasir Ris Primary School is “Be Our Best“.

It urges our pupils to strive to do their best in all their endeavours. What better way to do this but through our mascots, Missy BOB and Master BOB.

BOB was conceptualised in 2004. BOB represents our school aspirations for our pupils and community. BOB urges all of us to give off our best in everything we do. BOB exemplifies the ideal pupil we are nurturing in Pasir Ris Primary School.

Through BOB, we hope that every Pasirian will aspire to become a better Singaporean. Together, with your support, we willl scale new heights, with BOBBe Our Best!

Contributed by

Ms Lim Boon Cheng

ex-Principal (1998 to 2005)

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