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Principal’s Message

Principal’s Message


Pasir Ris Primary School was founded in 1993.  Since its establishment, the school remains committed to providing quality education for all our pupils while taking cognisant of the changing education landscape.

To prepare our pupils for a future that is volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous, we have designed our school’s total curriculum to enhance their school experience so that every child can learn and achieve, and be a winner in his own right. Most importantly, we want our pupils to be grounded in sound values, and nurtured to be caring and compassionate individuals with good character and a heart to contribute to the community.  Therefore the school values of Passion for Learning, Respect for All, Pursuit of Excellence and Share and Care form the cornerstone of all our efforts in providing a conducive learning environment for our pupils to learn well and be their best.

As a school, apart from the total curriculum, we also strive to stretch and challenge our pupils with myriad enrichment programmes and activities to further enhance their school experience.  Our stretch goal articulates the school’s effort to provide developmental opportunities for every pupil to achieve his best seeks to focus on every individual pupil’s learning needs, talents and interests. We believe in giving all our pupils opportunities to realise their full potential in studies, sports and the arts.  Through these learning opportunities, they build confidence, develop a lively curiosity, and sharpen their thinking and communication skills.

In Pasir Ris Primary School, we nurture every pupil to be thinking individuals, compassionate Pasirians. We prepare them to learn for mastery and to learn for life with spirit and purpose.

Pasirians will grow up to be men and women of Singapore!


Chin Lai Yoke (Mrs)

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